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Over 12,000 downloads of the Android prototype.

Never Late Again

The #1 reason for being late, is not leaving on time.

Bounce combines the iPhone's calendar, traffic data, and a "buffer" to notify you when it's time to go.

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On time, every time

Never be late again.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I buy Bounce as a gift?

    Yes! Click here give Bounce to someone you care about.

    You'll also get to send him/her a brutally honest ecard.

  • Can I buy multiple copies?

    Yes! You can pre-order multiple copies of Bounce by sending an ecard to each person you want to give it to.

    If you’d like to order 5 or more copies, please contact us at

  • When will I be charged?

    You won’t be charged until the Bounce iPhone app launches in the Apple iTunes store! We won't take a dime, until your loved one's on time.

  • Who are you?

    My name is Justin.

    There are a couple other people working on Bounce, but they've got day jobs they want to keep for the time being, so we're keeping their names on the downlow for now.

    We’ve built some awesome stuff together.

  • Is this like a Kickstarter project?

    Yeah, this is a lot like a Kickstarter project! Just a couple differences:

    1. Our goal is # of backers, not # of $’s.
    2. You won’t be charged until Bounce launches. We won't take a dime, until your loved one’s on time.
  • When will Bounce launch?

    If we’re fortunate enough to hit our goal, Bounce for iPhone will launch in mid 2013.

  • What exactly do I get?

    You’re getting the full version of Bounce for $25 flat, forever.

    Everyone else will have to pay $100/year for it.

  • Can I contact you?

    Please! Send us any questions, comments at